New Artist Find: Sailor & I


‘Ello there loves!!  This is Brussel Rand here to tell you a few things about society you didn’t realize before you walked into this GQ fashion awards hell-hole. For stahhrters, people should follow the news everyday and not just when it gets regurgitated through someone else who’s prettier than I’s face…Wait…that’s exactly how we get our news isn’t it, I love the world. That’s Tough Love for you…

Except this Tough Love comes from Alexander Sjodin, better known as Sailor and I. It’s a captivating video and features some excellent production. But that’s not even going to start talking about the song itself.  The Stockholm band’s single is sewn together with an absolutely fantastic framework of peaking vocal melodies and enchanting string accompaniments.

His facebook page reads, “It’s interesting because there are times people do things they don't want to do, but they can't stop doing it for some reason.”

Hmmmmm.......I’m not really sure why this resonates, but it does. Prettty sureee becuasee that beast of a chick Diana Nyad saw this video and was like...yerp going to have to do the swim again. Crazy woman you.

Diana Nyad