New Artist Find: SHAD


Is there a new fresh prince in town? Hells yeah! And his name is Shad. And our Curator Francis picked up on him and gets the discovery this round.  Apparently this Shad dude has been doing hip hop since 2005 and we’re only hearing about him now, well, mostly because he’s Canadian, but also because he’s only really cracked the international scene lately with his third studio album TSOL, which is a damn shame. So I’m not going to waste anymore of your time, it’s finally time to show you what a real hip hop artist is!


Shad – Stylin (featuring Saukrates)

I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the chorus on this one, but OMG do I love the verses in between. Shad has this really light, really comical thing going on in this track, and it’s fun but at the same time you can hear the talent from a mile away. He’s got a bit of an Asher Roth thing going for him and I love it, because he’s tons more clever than old Asher and he’s doing it right. He’s doing it with style, with grace and no one’s going to let this guy go unnoticed for much longer. You know those lines that make you smile as soon as you hear them? This track is full of those! My favourite being “Running like a Kenyan, cause I’m Kenyan, ask my Momma”.


GRAND ANALOG 'The Great Rhyme Dropper' feat. Shad

Too fantastic! Tell me this isn’t the best thing you’ve heard like ever. Talk about a colab to beat all other colabs, it reminds me of that track that Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne and like 10 other rappers did. It’s got that much charm, that much power and damn, you’re have to download it because you just can’t not! That bit of jazz, that little bit of funk and all those perfect beats, it’s like a supersized Big Mac, you gotta love it!


Shad – The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

If you’re a twenty-something and you’re still living at home (like me) then I dedicate this track to you. I could’ve chosen something more recent, something with a bit more zing and a whole lot more freshness, but this bit of 90s revival is so dope I had to give you a taste. The fact that Shad has been hitting tracks like this out of the park for years makes him all that more appealing. You better get past the first two minutes because that’s when the good stuff really kicks in. 

His new album is about to drop, so get on that! Like right now. It’s called Flying Colours.