New Artist: Sweet + Talker


Guilty Pleasure [Gil-tee Plesh-ur]: The ability to listen to something extraordinarily off-character for yourself …so much so, that you have literally convinced yourself as well as everyone else you know that you in fact despise that very band, song, genre, venue, etc… to a point of an unsteady, unhealthy mental state…I for one will never admit I had the Spice Girls album(s)..ah dammit and, while we’re spillin’ the beans why don’t I let you in on my latest man-crush, Kevin Fisher, aka Sweet + Talker.

I mean, why is this so damn good? I think it's catchy as hell, and thanks to one of our curators, Francis, I will be unable to get these ethereal celestial sounds out of my damn head. Well, I mean I don't really understand how anything could ever be anything other than described as "hot as hell," but that's a debate for another time; not now homez, I'm all pop-vibin and stuff....Like hands to the sky type shhh...oh yeaaah...

hot as hell

This may be a radio friendly tune but Fisher kills it here. The vocal melodies are soaring and the accompaniments and accents do not feel forced, but rather just correct as if it was the way it were always intended..I'll end this the same way that this song does...