New Artist Find: Thomas Azier


Thomas Azier is new, deep and he’s got a great haircut. But does all that actually matter when you’re making music? Of course it fucking does. OK, now let’s get serious. Thomas doesn’t want to change the world, he just wants to catch your ear. And he’s doing a mighty fine job at that, cause my ears are glued to him like that strange gum at the bottom of your show that you don’t remember chewing. Berlin-based music-making heart-throb, with tracks that hang around the room like ghosts and lyrics that just set your imagination alight. Apparently he writes all his own music and produces it too. Now that truly is something to admire in a world full of fakes.


Thomas Azier – Angelene

Aw, electronica love ballads. They sound so good to my soul. They sound even better when Thomas Azier is singing them. A song that makes you wish you were in love with the girl/boy/cat/spirit that it’s about, is a song worth listening to. In fact, it’s a song worth crying over, falling into and never letting go. Seeing this guy live must be something really special.

The video has a pretty ordinary concept, but so does the song. The way it’s done is what counts and in both cases it’s done to perfection. The video is shot beautifully that you can watch it three, four, fives times in a row and the song, well, it’s one of those songs that will make you kiss, slap or fuck whoever is next to you when you hear it. Hopefully they’re as good looking as Thomas Azier. Just saying.


Thomas Azier – Fire Arrow

If you like electronic sounds that mean more than all the other crap, "Fire Arrow" will be your home away from home. Actually most of his songs will be your absolute cup of tea. Or beer. Whichever you prefer. This video is just sort of meaningless, but sometimes you need that to focus on the track, to make you really feel the song, instead of being propagandaed by whatever the music video represents.

I like things when they’re simple. And "Fire Arrow" is complicity done in a simple way. It’s a great sounding track that doesn’t make you think too hard. It gives you that freedom to just enjoy. To jump up and down and feel release to a track that gives you that power. Thumbs up!

You better be heading to Soundcloud right about now.