New Artist Find: Tokyo Denmark Sweden


Tokyo Denmark Sweden is a hot new indie dance trio hailing from Sydney. Brought to our attention by curator Meraki, this upbeat, electrifying mix of steady dance beats and smooth, soothing vocals screams "summertime!" and has made it onto my list of hot new artists to enjoy during this sweltering summer. Whether you're relaxing by the pool with a margarita or gyrating your life away in the dance club, the comfortable, computer-generated rhythmns of Tokyo Denmark Sweden's new single, "When it Breaks," will provide some quality company.

Tokyo Denmark Sweden aren't exactly pushing the envelope here, but still manage to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable track. Vocalist Amy Pes has a comfort and passion at the front that's written all over her face, and she delivers the irresistible hook with an aplomb that will draw much-deserved comparisons to other top dance songs by accomplished artists like Dragonette and Metric.

Tokyo Denmark Sweden is hot off the release of their self-titled debut EP, which features "When it Breaks" along with several other songs that showcase the band's atmospheric and soaring style.

They have been touring extensively, riding the wave of good will that the undeniable catchiness of their EP has brought them. Continuing their tireless efforts to spread the message of good vibes and good tunes they will be kicking off an American East Coast tour in late November.

So until then kick back in your lawn chair, don your favorite pair of shades, wipe the sweat from your forehead and melt into the cool, clean sounds of Tokyo Denmark Sweden.