New Artist Finds: Uppermost


Oh, how I love summer. A time when the sun is out and everyone wants to get naked...or at least naked enough to a point when they can tan up those otherwise pasty-white-Casper the friendly ghost private areas of yours. It's a time of music festivals, art installations, and good vibes. These are the times we laugh, we cry, we love, we lust, but there is one thing that's a must...we must dance! Luckily I got my main homie Curator Francis backing me up on this one... We both agree we need some new EDM tunage and Uppermost is here to give it to us.

Uppermost is the stage name of Paris' Behdad Nejatbakhshe, and I'll go as far as to say that I think he deserves the utmost respect based off what I have heard on his "Revolution" offering. It sounds like Justice, Daft Punk, and MGMT got in a steamy / frenzied three-way and produced this seductive little step child. Hello pretty, we like boarding school for're going to get adopted by nice parents who are going to bring you up just right. You betcha'.

Revolution...a powerful word to be using in conjunction with sounds, lyrics, and other conveyed messages. One must be sincere and have the Uppermost levels of confidence (I know the phrase is a stretch, but let it go, geez) in order to deliver a message of revolution. I know I personally have the capability to construct mass revolution, but such great feats cannot be trusted to the masses of you plebeians out there. In fact, I have a shit ton more work to do, so let's let Uppermost lead the Revolution and we can all just sit, watch, and listen...sound good? Awesome, why don't you tell us what you think?? Actually, don't because IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, the revolution has already begun. Check below... and if you're too cool for school, well check out some other New Artists to satiate your auditory needs.

it doesn't matter what you think