New Artist Find: Vancouver Sleep Clinic


Did you wake up thinking this morning that you would listen to Bon Iver? Did you also have the same feeling that maybe you were tired of listening to For Emma, Forever Ago? Now, I know it’s a solid album, but I also know that he won a grammy not so long ago, which totally ruins his hipster cred. And I know you heard your friends talking about it and you threw up a little in your mouth.

Maybe because they had no clue who “Bonnie Bear” actually  was, or maybe it was that awfully gross piece of sushi, but I'm sure your stomach was upset…as now is mine..and Im also certainly not going to be able to sleep now, soooo…How 'bout we change that? Yeah ok, well then let us head over to new artistVancouver Sleep Clinic, owned and maintained by Tim Bettinson.

Luckily for us… the clinic is stocked!!! Maybe not with a full inventory, since I believe Vapour is the only track currently credited to VSC, but damn it's full-bodied! Who needs 10 Ibuprofens when you got 2 Vicodin! So let's just judge on what we can hear and name it as a clear must-listen for fans of Jonsi, Sigur Ros, and Bon Iver. The vocals themselves have enough power to vault you directly to the entrance gates of heaven (or other proverbial "happy place" you believe in). I'm not really sure, but I think I actually got vaulted into someone else's dream of heaven, and it was beautiful...

I’m very interested to hear whats in store for Tim Bettinson (VSC)’s future in auditory exploration…and maybe he will even possibly team up with Bon Iver for future live performances when they decide to start doing that thing I'd keep your eyes and ears open, and not go to sleep on this one!

Thanks to our Curator Duffster, who turned us on to this new artist, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and 9 other picks of the week that you can check out here!