New Artist Find: Vaults


As a part-hipster, there’s nothing more redeeming than to discover a beautiful artist that you can even brag to your all-knowing condescending uncle known as Google Search. Yes, there are some things even Google can’t possibly think about suggesting you when you need them.

who wants a cheap rhinoceros

Thanks to London-based Vaults, I have a way to get starstruck with their sparkling soundscapes and still earn enough credits to graduate my Bachelors in Hipstery program with honors.

However, as a full-blown music fanatic, it’s a hard time to put up with the heresy of not enough people acknowledging the awesomeness that lies before them in this world. So I decided to abandon my pretentious prestige in favor of fanboy extremism and share their brilliance by starting a Vaults cult before it becomes cool to start a Vaults cult. Well, since legally and ideologically I cannot go the “spread by sword” route (which is too mainstream anyway), I plan to spread by word instead.

first rule of being a hipster

Vaults have lived up to their name so far as none of us have more dope on them apart from their sole track and their place of origin, and their existence is still on a hush-hush basis in the music industry.

Their debut track, “Cry No More,” is a gorgeous and emotionally uplifting piece layered with pulsating bass, elating orchestral strings preset on wind chime ambience mode, and beautiful piano chords. The powerful and disarming female vocals that accompanies this sweet melody is just the cherry on top that will make you want to twerk the replay button again and again

The influences and origin of Vaults are parallel to other great bands like London Grammar, Foxes and Florence + The Machines.

Racking up over 100,000 plays for their debut track on Soundcloud, Vaults have already got the hype machine running feverishly in anticipation of their future musical bliss. Look out Indie pop, you’ve got a star coming your way!

Thanks to new Curator, YellowFeenix, for this new artist find! Find out how you can become a Curator here.