New Artist Find: Washington


“Literate Pop.” To me this is a tough phrase to explain, one because I hate the fact that it's even a term. All music in my eyes should be literate - stringing complex words, phrases, ideas, and styles together to paint a more profound understanding of culture in an intelligent manner, but we all know this is not always the case. Unfortunately most “pop” songs tend to lack that “literacy” element and feverishly pollute our feeds with lame-lollipop-lines and 2-Hi-2-rap similes. We’re losing it here, people..

So in an effort to repopulate the airwaves with some intelligent content, we give you Australia’s Megan Washington.

Megan Washington, aka Washington, has been offering her musical sorcery to the masses for a couple of years now and is only picking up steam. Her infusion with jazz-bluesy-rockabilly elements really set her apart and really set her music apart, from the other heaping pile of mass-produced-muck. Washington's got all sorts of other shit going on too; whether it be tv, magazine / print, or creating her own movies, this lady is like the 2013 version of a science experiment that aimed to genetically combine Rosie the Riveter toughness, Marilyn Monroe's beauty, any of Lisa Loeb's 90's look, and a full comprehension of Webster's Dictionary to top it off.

She's got a couple of other great songs and videos, so I'd suggest checking them out as soon as possible.  Lastly we wouldn't have known about Washington if it wasn't for our Curator, Meraki...Thanks!  More tunage here: