New Artist Finds: Wave Machines


So regardless of where I've been, or where you thought I may have been...I'm finally back from the _______ (insert repetitive music festival here), and I feel refreshed, like an ice cold wave just crashed over my head; An Ice cold wave of no waiting in line, endless cheap alcohol, endless music, no dust, and finally PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE MUSIC WORLD! So, thank you BitCandy Curators for bringing us today's fresh new artist, Wave Machines.

Now they may not be technically new, but we like to keep the spotlight on those bands who deserve the credit as its due. They've got a slight chamber-pop type feel, or at least "Counting Birds" starts out that way. It's quite an interesting listen. It's light and airy, yet percussive and menacing. The vocal delivery is what controls the pace here and allows this song to breathe on its own. it is also that same breath that allows most of Wave Machine's songs to remain imprinted my head.

So, I'm "Sitting in a Chair," blinking at my screen, deciding what to make of the tracks coming from the Liverpool natives' latest offering. It feels "elemential" (a made up word of mine describing something stripped down to its elemental composition) but not completely naked and in the open. These are vulnerable sounds, sounds that have the ability to be swayed in any direction by the very nature and timing of the sound layers and textures themselves. These are either a true fit or an "Ill Fit," but I'd like to think the latter.

Not sure if anyone else will agree with me here, but I'm getting a slight MGMT vibe, but way funkier on this. I like it and I'm sure you will too. In fact, why don't you just go check it out for yourself. Pollen is the latest album to be released by the group and is available on Spotify for your listening pleasure.