New Artist Find: We Fell To Earth


You gotta love experimental rock! It’s done a pretty good job in the past of shocking the senses while pleasing the shite out of our ears. We Fell To Earth consists of Wendy Rae Fowler and Richard File, who you may of heard of if you know your music trivia. This one-part-American, one-part-British pair of musical geniuses have their very own brand of weirdness, from their sound to their videos, it’s all about to get a little less normal and a whole lot more spectacular.


We Fell To Earth - Deaf

Is that a teardrop rolling down my cheek or have I finally cracked? No, it’s definitely a teardrop! This song, wow. Just wow. If there was ever a song to make you feel alone, inspired and floating a hundred miles above the earth, it’s gotta be this one. Those harmonic background vocals just get me every time. Believe it or not, this single came out in 2009 and has only gathered around 38,000 views on YouTube. You naughty, naughty music fans! Don’t you know what good music is anymore? Well, I guess One Direction answered that question once and for all. 


We Fell To Earth – The Double

I don’t know why but I’m starting to notice that the second featured track is always my favourite. I wonder why that is…anyway, enough about me, there’s plenty to say about "The Double" which I’m sure will be much more interesting. This track is haunting, kind of spooky and as a result, it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The vocals are like delightful echoes you hear in the back of your head to remind you that you’re not alone. Rich File is great at that. The verse that really gets me is the repetitive “You only look at what you see in the mirror” which I guess has something to do with the title of the song too. 

I NEED YOU to log onto your boring ass social media profiles and follow these guys EVERYWHERE. If you don’t Harry Styles will impregnate your unborn daughter. I swear!