Hari Ashurst, who goes by the alter ego Bayou, has a lot of job titles under his belt even though he is not yet all that well known. The London-based singer/songwriter/producer is making a name for himself with his new mixtape, Loopback, which is out now on his label, Double Denim. For fans of soft electro-pop with a futuristic hip-hop twist that want something truly unique sounding, this new artist is undeniably worth checking out!



This track doesn’t build and ease you into anything; your ears are instantly yanked into verses that feature what sound like spastic robots rapidly speaking over wobbly, fuzzy synths and it’s awesome. Before you know it, Ashurst throws you into the chorus so you can mellow out a bit and allow your brain to catch up with what you just heard. He does so by using soft and echoey vocals that give the electronic track a modern R&B flare. I must say, “Airlock” is a complete masterpiece.



“Varsity Jacket” has a more lo-fi, almost retro feel to it. It’s a sway-inducing slow jam, featuring soft and airy vocals laced over a funky yet mellow electronic drum sample. It works as a great contrast to “Airlock,” with its soft beats and lyric-heavy vocals that display his diverse talents when it comes to making truly attention grabbing electro-pop. I have a feeling that whenever I see someone sporting a varsity jacket, from now on I won't help but think of the catchy chorus.

Since I’m pretty sure you’re like me and are now a fan of his after listening to these fresh new tracks, hear more over at Bayou’s SoundCloud page. And last but not least, I’d like to send a big shoutout to BitCandy curator, Pavit B. for introducing us to this amazing new artist!

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