Apple’s no stranger to hipster marketing and making technological cavemen look edgy, but if there’s one thing they’ve always excelled at, it’s making bomb ass iPod commercials. The latest recipients of this glorious platform are a bomb ass new band from Brooklyn named Chappo.

Apple surely picked the golden goose track from their album Moonwater by picking “Come Home,” which perfectly encapsulates their distinctive new wave pop styling. While mainstream pop storytelling has simply been denigrated to the chase of shawties with surplus derrieres and coping with the loss of the said former derriere by chasing even more obscenely surplus derrieres, Chappo derives their definition of pop songwriting from an alternate dimension.

contents of pop music

It’s not that their soundscapes aren’t upbeat and absent of the chase of happiness, it’s just that they do it a lot they explore it a lot more subtly than atomic nutsacking pop fans like Miguel. Chappo garnishes pop to make it naïve rather than juvenile. If you are looking for a band that sounds like an effervescent lovechild of MGMT, The Black Keys and Fun, then Chappo is right up your alley.

With an unusual yet catchy mix of major key power chords, melodic drum beats (yes, these talented indie younglings can cook melodies out of those too!), and an underlying sugary vibe, Chappo’s music is a welcome new flavor of peppermint bubblegum for the stereotype-shunning, lost-in-translation generation that usually has to resort to listening to some weird avant garde shyt to get their socks off.

The absurd hilarity and pop-punkiness is never more evident in their work as it is in the track “Hell No.” The uber-catchy instrumentation and versatile vocals will make sure you say hell yes to the replay button. They’ve also extended their generosity towards people with artful fetishes like singing tits and pasty ass mooning by including it in their music video. Native American chanting fans AKA acidheads will find something to relate to when Chappo digs a little too deep into their dreamscapes in their track, “Native Savage.”

things are gonna get weird

Overall, Chappo’s delectable soundscapes are perfect companions for your mind when it is being transferred from a beautiful LSD trip to a smooth afterglow. They resonate a cheerful and eccentric mating call to those with an absurd lust for life, and you bet your bottom dollar it’ll be answered by a lot more people in the near future.