It seems like all the new artists in 2014 are coming out of Sweden. Is Sweden the new California?! I think YES! And it’s oh, so exciting! Here’s another mysteriously unknown artist that’s sure to pump up the volume in your head and wake you up to some new sounds. If electro pop is your jam, Sweden’s emerging artist Day Three is giving the genre a whole fresh look. Their uber cool name makes me love them already, and their soundcloud bio is even cooler. It reads, “There is no time left. Our days are over. Welcome to hell.” But let’s get into the important stuff now, THE MUSIC!

Shout out to curator Gui Alvim for finding what’s soon to be the latest electro dominator! Prepare yourself; this is going to get messy!



Anxiety is a pretty massive problem for most people but this hook offers a rare chance to escape from all that and just soak up some sweet sounds. “Goes through my head, penetrates my soul.” It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s darn catchy! What I really love about this track is the simplicity of it all. It’s so smooth and there’s not a lot to it, but for a pop song, it’s unique and it’s hella fresh.



This track seems to be a favorite amongst their soundcloud followers, with more of those nasty vocals and a little extra synth for good measure. Doesn’t this stuff just make you feel a little bit excited about the possibilities of more of its kind? You’re lucky you’re tuned into Bitcandy, bra. We’ve always got the hook up!



EVEN MORE VOCALS. Yay! You can sort of tell that these guys aren’t from the U.S. There’s something super-duper unique about their sound and the direction of their tracks that I love, that I think the industry is lacking, that I wish every producer and artist would search from within their music.

I could listen to these three tracks all day, but hopefully I won’t have to because something tells me Day Three have some cool things in the making. Honestly, we have no idea who they are or when they’ll release more stuff, but a girl can hope, can’t she?!
I wish I could give you more than just a Souncloud link, but seeing as it’s all we’ve got, you better hit it up, and hit it up hard! Show all your friends, show all your enemies! Show everyone! You know they deserve it!

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