Digital Farm Animals is a Nu-wave British producer and artist who infuses disco and 80s revival into infectious club tracks.  “Bugged-Out” commences with “Adore You”: a fiery ballad that would make Prince proud, combined with soulful vocals reminiscent of early Michael Jackson. The impassioned pairing of influences creates one of the dreamiest soulful sounds in modern synthpop.

But before Digital Farm Animals is categorized as an 80s love song softie, “Buggin’” brings out this producers talent for creating upbeat club tracks. The synth-heavy disco track is lyrically simple---“I’m buggin’/ I’m buggin Out/ I’m creepin’ ‘round your house” the hook reiterates--- but it’s strength is in the songs intricate melodic structure. The kickdrum and synths are delicately balanced with the nasally vocals to produce a sound that is authentic to the era it’s imitating while also generating a clean, modern sound.

The only complaint here is Bugged-Out is a 3 song EP. How do we get more Digital Farm Animals?

Check out their Facebook here for the full EP.