From the moment I lurked through her Facebook photos and discovered that besides having a super cute fashion sense, she too has a thing for emojis and Sailor Moon so I knew that myself and the rest of Tumblr would be way into this new artist. At only 18 years old, Los Angeles based singer-rapper Ami Zandile is creating a lot of buzz online under the stage name, Doja Cat. But before you get all bummed out as you think back to how uncool you were compared to her at age 18, check out her unique blend of electro-pop and rap because you will instantly find yourself in a good mood and feeling almost as cool as she is…almost.

With lyrics like, "I know you aint a drug but you get me so high," “So High” is a love song to not only the boy of your dreams, but to marijuana as well. The track is a mixture of electronic-pop with a 1990s R&B vibe, which mixes ever so nicely with Doja’s sultry yet obnoxiously cute vocals. The video’s psychedelic imagery fits the vibe perfectly, leaving you thinking “Azealia Banks who?” This track is already making serious waves with the Soundcloud and Tumblr crowd, so it's only a matter of time before you see her pop up on MTV (well, maybe not MTV since they're more about teen moms and less about music nowadays, but, you hopefully know what I'm trying to say).

“Hater Banger” is a chill track that is short and sweet, coming in at only a little over a minute long but totally gets the point across. Featuring electronic beats and colorful puns like, "no BMX but I handle bars," it’s clear that she knows exactly what she is doing and she’s here to stay.

Make sure to keep up with her SoundCloud page to hear what she comes out with next. It’s only a matter of time before Doja Cat hits the big time, but luckily we here at BitCandy got you in the know early on.

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