Click, clack, clow! It’s time for a New Artist Find and I’ve got feeling you gluttonous music snobs are going to enjoy this one. If you haven’t heard of FAUL before don’t worry! You haven’t fallen behind the hipster scene. The world will not point and laugh at you the next time you leave your cave, and you definitely shouldn’t consider jumping out the window. Bitcandy’s here to rescue you before the blogiverse explodes with news of this deep house Frenchman.

If you like your house upbeat, vibey and full of jazzy love, FAUL will soon be your new favorite artist. Hey, he’s even got a new video to please both your visual and audio organs. (Bitcandy cannot be held accountable for the pleasing of any other organs, but we sure do love to hear about it.)

Shout out to our curator Hankyh for finding this sexy Frenchie and sharing him with us! You better say your thank you’s in the comment section below. 



You know when you walk into the club and the mood is just right, you’re feeling fresh and you spot a cute hunny on the dance floor?! This track is just like that, except you can experience it from your swivel chair. “Changes” was so big in Germany that it topped the charts at #1. Then they decided to make this here video, which skyrocketed the track even further and collected over 1 million views within a month of its release (it was only released on Dec 5th 2013).

Now try and get that catchy chorus out of your head!

“Baby, I don’t know,
Just why I love you so,
Maybe it’s just the way,
That God made me this way”



FAUL is a pretty talented guy, especially for an emerging artist. Not that all new artists are untalented bastards. But usually they’re a little rough around the edges. There’s none of that here though, as FAUL is one of those producers that seems to be a perfectionist. “Happy Endings” brings in even more jazz and saxy playfulness and all I can think about when I hear it is a summer party with tons of friends, love and light.

If you’re in Europe this January, be sure to catch him live at a ton of venues. If you’re anywhere else in the world, get your waiting cap on, because whatever he brings out next will probably blow you mind and a few other things that I’d rather not mention.

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