Just because awesomely catchy, slightly sensual indie future electronic singer-songwriters seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to each and every one.  Especially if they’re as awesome as Soleima.  This Danish pop princess crafts perfect tunes with the help of a variety of different genres, yet it’s her flighty but sultry voice that carries these tunes to heights unseen since MO first jumped on the scene.  With only 5000 Facebook likes and just over 1000 soundcloud followers, get on this train now before she’s the next feature on the hottest new dance track and you can brag that you were with her from the start. 



I don’t know if I can condone a song that’s about being wasted.  JK who cares?  When it’s as fun and catchy as this one, with that funky weird production behind it?  All I want to do right now is get wasted and listen to this track.  Where’s the remix from the festival DJ that gets all the kids to raise their arms high?  This track ALREADY has production that would make Flume fume with jealousy.



While "Wasted" is a fun dance pop tune, "Once Was" has got some emotion to it and thus (i think) better songwriting.  Now Soleima is showing some real emotion behind the eyes and I think I like it.  This is the kind of song that makes you fall in love with an artist before hearing anything else. “I DONT CARE. SHE’S PERFECT!” You find yourself saying to no one particular on the train.  Whoops.  Sorry, music is too good.

YO!  Beca scoured the internet to bring this to you.


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