Deluges; Torrents; Floods...FLXXDS...all representative of a massive rush, a wave, a wall of flowing water, drowning the weak and smothering the path that lays in wake. However this flood is rare: while still a rushing wave, it is also subdued, caring, warm, and willing to embrace the bodies of others...

FLXXDS almost drxwned Los Angeles last time it rained...which was like 87 years ago..But maybe you haven't seen the rising water levels because you've been too busy on that flappy bird tip or whatever it is they call it.


These slow rollin' 'lap dance' jams are all win and no fail. It's like you're coming home at 5 am from one of the most amazing parties you've ever been to, and everyone's tired, but one quick change could take you all seamlessly into the early morning. Everyone is somewhat turned on by the idea of the sunrise and the heat of our hearts still burning with last night's lust, yet corroded in the same filthy-sweaty-beauty we acquired over the course of our journey. Our legs intertwine and we collapse onto the bed as the mimosas we poured gently rattle and spill a single drop. Come lay with me just don't lie to me...

Oh don't worry, because Crywolf, Prfttt & Svyable and Gazzo, collectively known as FLXXDS here, will not lie to you. Well, maybe they will; I don't know and I'm not going to try and find out either, because I bet they could get in your pants in like 5 seconds if they tried.

No, no, that is not a challenge, it's just more or less like daring you to pull the old Jared Leto from 'Dallas Buyers Club' trick and win your part in the cast and eventually an Oscar by flirting with the director / writer / whomever it was. I mean, that's pretty impressive. A straight man who can flirt with another straight man in just the right cadence and eventually get him to give him a movie role, in a majorly nominated Oscar film, is pretty impressive in my book.

Ahh love, aint it beautiful? Sure, at the beginning it's an infinitely blossoming rose, and after time an endless pile of dishes...I smell some spring cleaning!! ;-) Time to clean the couches and find some money! No, not like bushels and bushels of drug money, unfortunately, just several stray coins, maybe even enough to start a load of laundry...a guy can dream...two coins.

About Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh is an Artist, Consultant, Strategist, transcending previous inhibitions to create, share, and explore some sort of simplistic view of the perceived universal totality to the space and realm in which I previously reside...The landscape of this world is constantly changing, but you must be willing to change with it. Command your own life. Make Your Own Decisions. Listen to Good Music.