The Garden City Movement, aka the construction of one of the more wealthier neighborhoods in my home-neck-o-the-woods, is all due to this lovely bit of urban planning and design created by yooo boyyy Ebenezer Howard...It's like a combination of Ebeneezzer Scrooge and Dwight Howard...actually it is in no shape or form like that at all, but you can image what it would be like if it was?!?! He'd definitely be a worse bball player than he is now...oh wait...

At least someone here is droppin' dimes instead of bricks. Who you ask? Well that title goes to the music project titled Garden City Movement. This project is brought to us via BLDG5 Records who have been sharing the sounds of GCM's "Entertainment EP" for the last few months now.

Casa Mila and Entertainment are lovely-lustful jams, that one cannot help but bob to the beat on. I myself have trouble escaping the intensely-intoxicating pulse of a jungle-bass...anything slightly even tribal sounding just gets me going....maybe its my middle-school upbringing as a percussionist, or if it's just natural / animal instinct but whatever it is, I won't be sitting down any time soon...

Okay, I lied. Now I am sitting down slowly swaying, or I'm in the arms of my lover slow dancing the night-away at some fraternity / sorority mixer, boozed up and high off the gentle simplicities of no responsibility and endless nights of late night conversations and mysterious sexual encounters...which leads me to my next point: PLAY THIS SONG AROUND YO GIRLS. they gaawnnaa lovveee ittt. Not to say that the dudes won't love it too, it's just my suggestion for slow jam-mood settin' central...just sayinnn'...keep it safe :-)

About Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh is an Artist, Consultant, Strategist, transcending previous inhibitions to create, share, and explore some sort of simplistic view of the perceived universal totality to the space and realm in which I previously reside...The landscape of this world is constantly changing, but you must be willing to change with it. Command your own life. Make Your Own Decisions. Listen to Good Music.