New Artist: Goodbye Chanel aka California Dreaming


You would never guess that Goodbye Chanel’s Scott Johnson is not actually a Cali native, but just a super chill new artist from the United Kingdom. And now that the weather is just about to get cool enough to bust out that Old Navy performance fleece (or should I say American Apparel unisex California fleece hoodie, you filthy, hipster trash), his recently released EP, Through Night To Paradise, will take you on a blissful vacation to whatever sunny (or gloomy, if that’s your thing), utopian place you daydream about when your job sucks especially hard that day.

“Kalifornia” perfectly embodies the romanticized vision of the West Coast and its stereotypically beach-y, laid back lifestyle. I can see the music video now: Vintage, home-movie type clips of a young couple frolicking in the sand with a bright, grainy filter over the whole thing for a dash of “artistic effect.” With lyrics like, “let the waves take you home, where you’ll be on your own,” you can’t help but close your eyes and imagine nothing but warm weather, clear skies, the sound of crashing waves, and trying to get all that pesky sand out of your bikini bottoms.

“Wilde” is even more sleepy and dreamlike with shimmering guitar and soft, echoey vocals that will slowly wash over you. When you need to de-stress and relax, this is the perfect song to add to your soundtrack of chill out music to help you deal. It eases you in slowly, and before you know it your problems have faded away...well for now, anyway.

This EP is like taking a dash of Explosions In The Sky, a pinch of Vampire Weekend (a small, small pinch), and topping it off with a spoonful of Washed Out. Mix it together with some sun rays and you have yourself a quite enjoyable cocktail for your listening pleasure.

Shout out to BitCandy Curator, Pucken, for this amazing find! Want to hear more from Goodbye Chanel? Head over to their SoundCloud page and take your ears on the coolest sounding vacation of your life.