New artist and dance-pop group Hello Mark have been well-established in their home country of Poland for some time but are still fairly new to the scene here in the States. Hailing from Poznan, Poland Hello Mark showcase a distinct – if not totally original – style that just makes you absolutely have to tap your foot to the beat. A thoughtful blend of synths, bass lines, a steady beat and engaging vocals means this is pop music that makes you want to just get up and move.

This kind of music is nothing new, but it’s the details that set one band apart from another – and Hello Mark has paid attention to the details. Special thanks to curator Gui Alvim for bringing Hello Mark’s track “Close Your Eyes” to our attention.

As you can see, Hello Mark isn’t here to change the landscape of music forever – they’re just here to make some catchy tunes that people want to dance to. I think that’s an admirable goal.

There’s something to be said for the art of refinement in music, and Hello Mark has made it their business to refine their genre into something beyond Billboard one hit wonders.

Like good Poles they appreciate the art of distillation, and they’ve distilled dance and pop down into some damn intoxicating music.

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