New Artists: Ivy Levan


If Amy Winehouse, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera had a lovechild…now where was I going with that statement? Oh yeah, Arkansas beauty Ivy Levan is hot, hot, hot and thanks to BitCandy’s most industrious curator Duffster, we’re bringing you all her smouldering Swamp Hop on one deliciously soulful silver platter with this new artist post! Don’t ask me, I don’t know what Swamp Hop means either.


Ivy Levan - I Don't Wanna Wake Up

What a catchy tune! And the video is pretty unique too. For a song about the morning after, it seems like it would definitely go down well as a pre-party warm up track. I can see it now – girls, underwear, martinis, etc. Now get your freak on! Miss Ivy Levan can wake up next to me any day, no matter how fucked up she feels. She’s a damn fine actress too! And this track will be buzzing around my head for days to come.


Ivy Levan – Hot Damn

I wonder if her live performances are in black and white too?! Probably not, but it definitely suits her best! This track’s got soul, it’s got sex, it’s got a whole bunch of stuff we haven’t seen in years and hmm, is it tasty! Even the YouTube comments agree that this fair lady needs some radio play, like right now. If you ever feel the need to have a dancing party, this track won’t disappoint and it will get you on your feet whether you’re an old dude in a diaper or a Justin Bieber fan. In fact, the entire EP is pretty much made for getting down and dirt on the dance floor, or where ever you see fit.

Her debut EP titled Introducing The Dame is out now, so get on that shiz! It’s four hot tracks wrapped up in an even hotter bundle. You want this stuff on your iTunes, I promise you that!

Also catch up with her on your social media channels to rock your indie pop, bitches!