Well hello there, instant happy mood! I'm real happy to see you. I was feeling sluggish from a week full of boozing and partying; yeah pretty weak and tired, a bit restless even? Either way I made it to my bathroom just in time to...get a good long stare at myself in the mirror...just long enough to realize how shitty I look, with my strung-out-morning-on-a-toilet face, with a swirling head full of recent recollections that leave me feeling like I've just about had it with this the only thing to do is shower and listen to some tunes...ugh, of course the same terrible stuff on the radio, my faith in musicc is gone!!!!! AND THEN IT HAPPENS...I land on just the song that I needed to hear and it's from the homies of a Melbourne collective named JAKUBI.

"Feels Like Yesterday" is such a feel-good tune. It really truly does sound like they've been in the game for years, fine tuning this intricately wound up sonisphere that's like the best vacation drink you could ever ask for:

1/5 Part Reggae
1/5 Part Electronic
1/5 Part Jammy-Hip-Hop
1/5 Part Pop
1/5 Part Daft Punk-esque-vocoder-usage

It tastes so good when it hits your lips, doesn't it!!! So I've now gone from suicidal-shower mode to making breakfast with a beer and blunt in hand, with Jakubi's soundcloud on repeat. This shit is catchy, catchy, catchy, catchy, and most certainly FUCKING CATCHY AS FUCKIN CATCHY GETS!!! Their three song collection on soundcloud, appropriately titled entitled "A Collection of Works" is the most fun and spirit-lifting thing you'll hear, no doubt.

I am normally not so wet-in-the-pants for this type of music, but shit, man, this gets better with every listen. This group of dudes are doing something special. It is very difficult to make all of those genres blend together organically, without sounding forced, but they are doing it. Of course they are from the land of down under too, which confirms once again that something is in the water down there and that the Aussies have harnessed in some odd type of refugee camp for aspiring artists that keeps churning out hit after hit in these past months. Please just keep to whatever it is that you guys are drinking, eating, smoking, ingesting, or injecting because it is clearly working!

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Sean Walsh is an Artist, Consultant, Strategist, transcending previous inhibitions to create, share, and explore some sort of simplistic view of the perceived universal totality to the space and realm in which I previously reside...The landscape of this world is constantly changing, but you must be willing to change with it. Command your own life. Make Your Own Decisions. Listen to Good Music.