Jean Deaux is something like the magical love child of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill who keeps the spirit animal of Tupac as a pet. Although this Chicago, IL, native has yet to release her first EP, the young singer/rapper is already making a big impression in the industry with affecting tracks, such as “Escape.” Deaux’s vocal restraint emulates a sense of detachment, further emphasizing the lyrics of the song, as the hook reiterates: “I can get you high/ High off love, off life, off death, off crack and meth/ If that's all you wanted/ I can get you high/ High off sky, off land, off sea, off shrooms and weed/ If thats all you wanted.” These lyrics fiercely describe the romanticized reality of love between addicts, when the desire to escape the world through addiction and self-destructive behavior overpowers the fear of consequences.

Saba’s vigorous rap solo provides stringency which the track would otherwise be lacking: “My first flight of them 12 steps that we walked up/ We're one story apart/ I slave to you like Aesop/ My fable written/ You erased it/ Life get real and we escape it”. And is it just me, or does Saba sound like everything Drake ever wanted to be?

The video for “Escape,” which Deaux also directed, reflects the lyrics flawlessly. It’s practically a Breaking Bad promo (R.I.P. HEISENBERG). Check it out.

Slipping into something a little sexier, Jean Deaux brings us the blissful 80s tune, “Grape Soda.” The sensual video exhibits Deaux drifting off into provocative fantasies---until she is awoken to find she’s just snuggled up with excessive amounts of grape soda in a Target shopping cart. Happens to the best of us.

Jean Deaux has everything we could ask for in a new artist find: fresh sound, honest lyrics, unique vibe, and a name so cool it needs to be clarified on Twitter. Girls going to be a star. Welcome to BitCandy, Jean Deaux. We promise to never mispronounce your name.