New Artists: Jetta


How the Liverpool best new music come-uppin' got to officially play SXSW with one track to her name is an industry bar you need to judge for yourself. The booming R&B warrior is indeed an interesting breed of Adele burn and Pink grit, with one of those fancy Ellie Goulding half-committed shaved heads, this much is true, capable of starting riots in hearts.

Or so she preaches on namesake sole jam, "Start a Riot," flared with a mean chainsaw guitar build - this you, Jetta? Are you a chainsaw wielder of gnar guitar? Or a session hand?

We do know you were a backup singer for Cee-Lo in your formidable years, but that's about it - and a crafty video in which she kung-fu kicks brick walls, dances around town with some friends crying, some friends smiling, appears to be singing this same song at a club, and rides token roller coaster.

The whole angst-anthem journey finishes with a late-night acoustic sing-along of the song's chorus. It's cute and radio-dial crafty. It appears she successfully 'runs away' and starts some, albeit puzzling, riots with those crying and smiling friends from before.

Where she takes it from here, we're watching, dear Jetta. Don't run away too far now. Pink's getting old:

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