New Artist Finds: Julia Losfelt


According to Wikipedia, Paris Syndrome is "A transient psychological disorder encountered by some individuals visiting or vacationing in Paris, France. It is characterized by a number of psychiatric symptoms such as acute delusional states, hallucinations, feelings of persecution (perceptions of being a victim of prejudice, aggression, or hostility from others), derealization, depersonalization, anxiety, and also psychosomatic manifestations such as dizziness, tachycardia, sweating, and others. Japanese visitors are observed to be especially susceptible."

Essentially Paris Syndrome is a rare psychological disorder that a few number of Japanese tourist experience because Paris does not live up to their idealized expectations.

When I listen to the transfixing music of new artist Julia Losfelt, I feel like I can relate with those who have quixotically notions of Losfelt's hometown.



Along with perfectly borrowing from Rhye's "Verse," "Away" is a breathtaking soundscape that is at once expansive and minimalistic. That's not so much a voice on this track as it is the ghost of a human soul. The vocals are ethereal and haunting. The beat is an aural decompressor.

I think I'm in love with this woman and this song.


"Early Bird"

Of course we all have our own version of Paris Syndrome (I discuss mine here), and whether or not I'm currently developing something of the sort for Julia Losfelt isn't important.

What's important is her music. And while all that really exists of it right now is the two songs above and a slew of covers (conveniently streamed for you below), the potential she's displayed this far is as boundless as it is spellbinding. Whatever Ms. Losfelt does next, she can be certain that I'll be waiting for it.

God I hope it lives up to my expectations.


"By This River (Featuring Andrea) [Brian Eno Cover]"


"Mojo So Dope (Kid Cudi Cover)"


"You Took Your Time (Mount Kimbie Cover)"

Special thanks to Duffster for tipping us off on Julia Losfelt. Learn about how you can introduce us to great new artists by becoming a Curator here. It should also be noted that by simply liking Julia Losfelt on Facebook you can download all of her music for free. So what are you waiting for?