New Artist Find: KILL J


Sometimes, and only sometimes, you come across an artist like no other. An artist that makes you feel like you’ve been reborn, into a world where everything is new. Our man Duffster hooked us up with this banging new artist and showed us what it’s like to feel new. Danish songstress KILL J is so fresh on the scene that she only has about 800 followers on Soundcloud. THAT’S HOW FRESH SHE IS! If this chick doesn’t hit the big festival scene soon, then I really don’t want to live on this planet anymore. You better say a big thank you to the D-man for showing you this. So let’s dive into it!


KILL J – Phoenix

Take a bit of Lana Del Ray, add some intergalactic beats, harmonic sounds and a dash of holier-than-thou chorus echoes and you’ve got a package that I just want to unwrap and roll around in. Denmark is pushing out some surprisingly fresh acts lately, and KILL J just happens to be my new favourite. I can listen to "Phoenix" all day and God help you if you try to stop me. It’s got everything. It simply feels good to listen to, and isn’t that what’s it’s all about anyway?!



Let the disclaimer read that this is not a real track, but merely some kind of teaser. Perhaps for a new track. Perhaps for a debut EP. Either way, I’m teased. I’m excited. I’m happy. I’ve added this track not only to waste your precise lives, but to show you what a great teaser can do and to indefinitely wet your taste buds (among other things) to the delights of KILL J. Those submarine radar beeps. Those heavenly high-pitch vocals. We’re in for a treat!

I have a mission for each and every single one of you music-loving beings. Hit Soundcloud right now and follow this girl. You’ll be the first of your friends to actually do something cool and you’ll also be able to stay up to date with this soon to be megastar. IT’S MY PLEASURE!