Among the many genre orgies hitting the shores of the contemporary indie scene, there’s a new wave named Black Wave that’s swelling into indieland and spilling audiogasms into eager ears. Say hello to the catchy creations of a new band that calls itself Kool Head.

If you’re wondering what the recipe for Black Wave is, we’ll let you in on the secret and list its ingredients for your convenience:

2 cups of new wave
A hefty chunk of hip-hop
2 and a half ounces of synthpop
A dash of indietronica
Chemical X

Now the identity of chemical X is still under speculation with some people rumoring it to be Taylor Swift’s tears or Madonna’s kaballah milkshakes, we prefer to leave it to your imagination to figure out what it really is.

chemical x

Luckily, imagination is something Kool Heads can stir up effortlessly with the help of their eclectically delightful sounds. Imagination is different things to different people, but the beauty of it is that there is no wrong answer or limitation that it can’t pole vault over. 

Brandon Lee and Jason Nitti have previously also worked together in another Atlanta-based group named Ugly People. With Kool Heads, they were finally able to marry their musical influences in harmony and produce some super-catchy tracks like “Leon” and “Stick Up Kids.”

Their debut EP, Black Wave, unleashed 5 songs and 2 remixes, which have all earned great reviews so far and put them on the radar of genuine indieheads and hipsters alike. Kool Head successfully revives the old school synthpop vibes and does a dandy fine job of spray painting it with new school hip-hop and funk.

brace yourselves synth pop is back

The video for their hit single, “Leon,” is essentially a powerful cover letter portraying where the heart of this band lies.



“10 Speed Dreaming” is another hot young new wave anthem that will leave you chanting the chorus enthusiastically even if you’re hearing it the first time. This band is literally standing on the edge of time. The time for them to shine and break through to mainstream success, and in time, ‘Kool’er Heads will prevail.