Say 'ello to 17 year-old Holly Fletcher aka Lapsley. Our main man Pavit B, brings you a special treat from Liverpool today and it comes in the form of this smooth croonin' blonde. Clearly embracing that down-tempo wave, she brings us in from the rough tides to the smooth shores. Gentle compassionate embrace - she's so young but she's got the vocal caress of seasoned mother...She's got that angelic voice tho if ya feel that she clearly singles out on "Painter (Valentine)."

But what really got me excited for Lapsley was her remix of Blue Monday and her song pick me up. The really funny thing is that it's 2014 and Orgy, yes Orgy (the band who mastered the original killer remix of Blue Monday back in the nu-metal days) is getting ready to release new material. Have you heard it? ehhhh? curiouss?

transformer orgy

I'm going to give you a hint, it's neither...don't listen to it...just listen to some more Lapsley!

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