New Artist Find: Laura Welsh


A quick look through the back pages of new artist, Laura Welsh's digital footprint and you can see that not only is she a singular vocal talent, but also a cunning business mind. When she first arrived on the scene as Laura and the Tears, Ms. Welsh was making music reminecent of Lucinda Williams and Neko Case. And while those songs, along with her briefly held moniker Hey Laura, were inoffensive at worst, she seems more at home signing the type of zeitgeist-y, minimalist, down-tempo R & B she's currently churning out.



Welsh seems destined to join her contemporaries like Jessie Ware, Solange, and London Grammar in continuing the crossover success of whatever it is we're calling this genre. The fact that she's exceptionally good-looking should help in this matter.

I'd rather not even mention the London songstress looks, since her music more than stands up on its own. But it's kinda unavoidable.

Sorry feminists.


"Cold Front"

Welsh songs have a raw, emotional pull to them that is sure to draw comparisons to fellow Brit Adele. The sparse use of instruments helps in this matter, while also augmenting her vocal strengths far more than alt country, or whatever other genres she's dabbled in. 

She only has four songs currently released, all of which can be streamed on her soundcloud page. Whatever she has on deck, you can be sure that we'll be eagerly awaiting it. We certainly won't be alone in that.

And if you know what's good for ya, you'll wait with us. 



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