New Artist Finds: Lemaitre


I have always liked a good bonfire. And if the bonfire is raging in a empty pool all the better. After all an empty pool is an idle pool. Check out "Cut to Black," the raging inferno by Lemaitre.

Lemaitre is a Norwegian electronic indie duo who create pounding disco beats blended with catchy melodies and just the right amount of synth mixed in to make their music intoxicating. Like the little puppy.



Oh yeah baby I love an act that actually have instruments on stage. After all, after a long work week spent looking at a computer as well as marching to the beat of Twitter on an iPhone, it's a relief to be able to catch artists actually performing rather than doing what you are trying to escape from, i.e., the computer screen. And oh yeah, Continuum has that heavy Deadmau5 vibe which when cranked can crack a dance floor. Now that's what I call a show.

You can explore Lemaitre here and follow them here.

Please check back with BitCandy soon because, with the talent that they splash around, I'd expect to find them here: best indie albums - before the snow flies.