Have you ever wondered what life would sound like if our emotions were emitted as music? Yeah, me neither. But Lights & Motion shows us that life would be pretty sweet if that were the case. Christoffer Franzén is the Swedish musician behind this one, and boy does he know how to make instrumental music. Think Angels & Airwaves without the Tom Delonge’s nasal problem. He’s been in the business for quite some time now, but the rest of the world is just catching onto his awesomeness now. I mean, one of his tracks was even featured in a recent Mark Wahlberg movie. Now that’s cool! 

Shout out to my main man Duffster for curating this spiritual new find!



Suddenly I’m five years old and Christmas is just around the corner. I’m excited and for once, I feel young again. It’s overwhelming. I’m never been one for instrumental music, but gosh darn it, do I like this! Sometimes it’s good to let go of words and meanings and underlying messages and just feel. That’s what Lights & Motion is really about, or my view on it anyway. For an emerging artist in 2014 who’s not as new as we think, this guy gets an A++ in my books. Watch this every Monday morning and it’s sure to get rid of those nasty blues.



I imagine this is excellent jogging music. So I’m going to shut up now and just let you feeeel it.



If this trailer/teaser/emotion-fest is anything to go buy, Reanimation from Lights & Motion is something you should definitely be listening to. It’s pretty effing epic! You can buy it here (and other stuff) -

If you want to feel like you’re in a Disney Christmas movie from the 90s some more, check out Lights & Motion on these popular social media holes and BUY HIS STUFF:

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