Singer-song writer Madi Diaz's music is what I imagine it would sound like if for some crazy reason Sara Bareilles teamed up with Grimes and went on a mission to create a unique batch of catchy love songs. If you’ve been looking for a singer-songwriter that’s not your typical “I like to play acoustic guitar in coffee shops” type of singer-song writer (because we really don’t need more of those. I mean really), you should definitely give her a listen.

Diaz may be a new artist, but she’s had some experience when it comes to making beautifully catchy, indie-pop. As a home-schooled Pennsylvania native, she started playing music in her early teens and attended the Paul Green School of Rock in Philidelphia. She also attended the ever so prestigious Berklee College of Music, so she’s a total pro, and has been creating music since 2007. She’s already tasted success by touring with bands like The Civil Wars and has had her music featured on multiple television shows. She's obviously going places, but now I'll let her music speak for itself.

If you’re like me and really need to get that Ke$ha and PitBull song out of your head (it’s kinda becoming a problem) then I highly suggest you listen to this song. “Stay Together” is a cute, indie-pop track that's full of hand-claps (well, electronic hand-claps) and a chorus that makes you sing along instantly. It’s simply a positive, up beat track that will stick in your head and it’s probably only a matter of time before you hear it playing in a commercial for car insurance.  (Sorry no way to embed the song here...Madi, you might want to look into that fix on Soundcloud!)

“Burn,” off her latest album, We Threw Our Hearts In The Fire, is a mellow track that slowly builds, showcasing Diaz’s vocal abilities and makes her stand out as an artist. It received a lot of well-deserved attention from being featured on an episode of Pretty Little Liars and is a great track to listen to when you want to settle down at the end of the day.

“Gone Away” is probably the most low-key, relaxed song I’ve heard that features whistling. The vocals are echo-y and the music is simple, being a nice contrast to her more poppy-upbeat songs.

Since I’m sure you like what you hear, make sure to check out more of her songs on SoundCloud and show her lots of support by 'liking' her facebook page!

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