New Artist Find: Magic Man


Hearing this band for the first time makes me want to give the curator that found them a big, wet kiss on the lips. With tongue! Duffster’s definitely got his ear to the ground as Magic Man is my favourite new artist find of the week. And that’s a big deal!

This poignant quintet from Rhode Island does synth rock like none other I can think of. Yes, they sound familiar, but they sound great and I can’t quite put my finger on why they make my heart skip a beat and my head feel floaty.

Magic Man feels like summer, with a beer in your hand and the sun on your back. I can see them rocking the summer festival scene hard and unexpected. So get in the groove of things and prepare to wiggle your lazy ass around in your chair to Magic Man!


Magic Man – “Paris”

What this song is about, I’ve got no idea! But it’s probably got something to do with Paris. The music video is stunning, even if black and white always seems to creep me out. But for reals, it sounds damn good. Fresh. Somewhat unique. And it seems to reference giving up or letting go, or just trying to cope with leaving something behind. Either way, I’m sold. I’d love to see these guys do something slow, just for fun.

Download this shit right here from their Soundcloud and get your summer playlist up to par, for free too!


Magic Man – “Texas”

It’s the hook in this track that’ll get you! Tell me you can’t see this band on a Coachella stage? Youth. Love. Light. It’s got it all. The music video reminds me of those visuals they project onto the walls at hipster bars. It’s cool and it suits them, but I’d love to see one of the band frolicking around, doing their thing. Am I the only one that still enjoys plain old music videos of bands playing their instruments?

This one is free for download too, so you know what to do! And while you’re there, check out the rest of their tracks, or you’ll regret it when these guys go big!

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that both these tracks are named after geographical locations. But then again, who cares! With bands like these, context and lyrics just don’t seem to make as much as an impact on the enjoyment of the song as their unique and exhilarating sound. I’m so not a dancer, but I’m dancing to this and I don’t care who knows!