Jake Hays is truly one talented dude. When you listen to his new electro-indie project, Maudlin Strangers, you would never guess that this is a one-man band. Since 2010, he’s been writing all the songs, playing all of the instruments, and producing his music all by himself. But what else could you expect when his mother is none other than Cherie Currie from the groundbreaking 80s band, The Runaways? If you’re a fan of the Arctic Monkeys and The Neighborhood, or just enjoy dark, synthy, indie-pop, this new artist is someone you won’t want to pass up.



I loved “Overdose” right from the beginning when I heard the loud, stand-out bass line (I hate when the bass is hidden in the mix) that makes you want to sway back and forth with a drink in your hand. I love the lyrics and can’t help but describe them as seductive, with lines like, “It’s a Friday night/ We’re in my bed/ We’re all alone” and “I catch your flame to light your cigarette/ I like the way you smoke it,” we can all think of a time being so enamored by someone that every little thing they do is hypnotizing. This song is total radio material (in a good way!) and proves he is destined for success.



“Stay Young” keeps up with the theme in pop music right now of living fast and dying young with a chorus that says nothing but “stay young ’til we die” (think Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and our favorite bummed out beauty queen, Lana Del Rey). It’s a very dark and broody track, featuring fuzzy synths and Hays’ sultry vocals that are almost reminiscent of the Black Keys. If you liked “Overdose,” you’ll totally love this song.

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