These last couple of years have been absolutely amazing for EDM. Soaring ticket sales, global festival expansions from previous regionally-centered-celebrations, and bedroom artists; going from the corridors of their respective academic institutions to the center of some of the biggest stages, in front of the biggest crowds of partiers you've ever seen. If you have ever danced amongst your friends, amongst the stars, amongst the masses of people who feel just as you one...well then...get ready to PLUR your face off with today's artist, Max Elto.

YES!!!! We did it guys! We made it to the top. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. EPIC SUNSHINE!! HAPPINESS!! RAINBOWS!! KITTENS!! Thank you Hankyh for bringing us such sweet sweet tunes...hold up though...I'm starting to feel I'm falling...noooo!!! Epic-downaward spiral....i don't know what's going on, I need to sit...I need to breathe...wait...I need moree KANDDIIIIII...hahaha sorry guys, I'm not a kandikameleon, I just always thought it was an excuse for chicks to show off their goods and bejewel them bodies with glitter, powder, and 237 bracelets on each extremity...

house techno dubstep

Let's get back out there...I'm feeling...better! The sun's out, my bffls are here and I am just ready to effing party. Turn up the tunes homie, cuz we're ready to bring the heat!!...Turns out I thought we were at a rave the whole time, nope...we were just in our backyard with the music turned up really loud! lulz who spiked the punch...I bet it was Mr. Max Elto! :-)

About Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh is an Artist, Consultant, Strategist, transcending previous inhibitions to create, share, and explore some sort of simplistic view of the perceived universal totality to the space and realm in which I previously reside...The landscape of this world is constantly changing, but you must be willing to change with it. Command your own life. Make Your Own Decisions. Listen to Good Music.