Bit By Bit, I'm falling in love with these posts about people escaping the northeast blizzard, just in time to post Instagram updates about how jealous all of their Northeast friends should be of them in their newly inhabited-picture-perfect-beach-side view of serenity. Well, it really doesn't matter here in sunny Southern California, because we get good weather all year round. Of course the minimally frigid days when the sun drops and temperatures dip below a freezingly-temperate 65 degrees happen, but you know us Angelinos would never go over the top and be ridiculous about it... Believe me, we're never dramatic.

A place that does understand some desolation and coldness = Canada, which might just be the reason that we are always getting good music / artistic products from our northern siblings. Seriously, all of you please stay inside - drinking and smoking and creating these lovely tunes to grace our overly entitled ears. That goes the same for today's featured Canadian indie outfit, Mother Mother, brought to our attention by our curator, Meraki.

I am not too fond of "the sticks." Why? Well, maybe its because I'm from New York, a transient product of LA, and have a girlfriend who grew up in the country and just really can't stand having to walk more than 2 minutes to grab any type of food / alcoholic product you could need. Call me spoiled, but it will take you 25 minutes to get to the nearest "grocery" store which is really just a gas station with some outdated product in the "sticks" and I just don't got time for that, in fact no one I know probably does...which is why I'm perfectly okay with "the sticks" being brought to us in small doses every once in a while. In fact, in the right doses one might even find the "sticks" appealing, although foreign and distant, there is still an element of the daunting unknown as the vast openness of its landscapes swallow you in...and slowly you will be swallowed, without any opposition, bit by bit by bit...

Sometimes, things don't need to sky themselves into previously unexplored audio dimensions for it to be an acclaimed listen...Sometimes you just need to deliver the goods, and deliver them with a driving force and clear message. Let's fall in love is a powerfully bass driven pop anthem of a song, that I cannot seem to get out of my head. It's got some serious guitar riffs though, and maybe that's what's catching me, or maybe its the video and the message, but either way it caught my ear and won't let go.