There are a mere four word in the “About” section of OCEANEAR’s Facebook profile and they read “Tales from the Ocean.” I like that sh*t. Also, they’ve almost completed a new album. Maybe “Tales from the Ocean” is the title. Who knows!? Mystery is in the air and all I can hear are the incredibly, refreshingly new sounds of Scott Shepard and Eric Robertson AKA OCEANEAR. Get it? Ocean-near…



Has this song been featured on Grey’s Anatomy? I think it’d work well in one of those sad, disastrous scenes where someone dies or has a nervous breakdown or whatever happens on the show. OK, I’m a massive fan, I won’t lie. But I’m also a massive fan of this track. The Finite is one of two tracks available from OCEANEAR (yes, yes we’ll showcase the other one too. Hold your horses) and wow, it’s crazy good. Duh!

If you’re lucky enough to possess clear hearing, you’ll be able to hear some of the lyrics that sort of become more of a sound than anything else. Some lyrics aren’t meant to be completely heard, but act more like hidden snippets that will show themselves to the ones that are actually listening.  So if you listen and you listen closely, you’ll hear them and they’re beautiful. I’m a sucker for lyrics and these ones take the cake. The big, sad, soppy cake of life that is. They take the insightful notes on life cake. I’m sure it’s delicious!



That’s it! I’ve got it! This is what Owl City would sound like if he didn’t completely suck and he possess a magic golden egg that blessed him with heaps of talent. Jeewiz, I want to lie down on the carpet while it snows outside and listen to this track with someone that’s good at kissing. Mindy Gledhill was the perfect artist to feature on this track and if this colab is anything to go by, these boys know what they’re doing and their debut album is going to be a force to be reckoned with. 2014 = year of the emerging artist, HELL YEAH! “I looked into your eyes and I saw light” I looked into your bandcamp page and I saw happiness. I really did! Sort of.

These guys have 1 social media page. ONE. So if you’re too lazy to like one page of an awesome band you just discovered, then I have no idea how you even get out of bed in the morning. Oh, you don’t?! Makes sense. LIKE THIS SHIT NOW:

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