"Coldest Temperatures in 20 years!!"... followed the next day by "Rodman vs. Cuomo Arguing!!" CNN, those back to back headline titles sure suggest your true take on what's important these days. Doesn't matter for us though, because we're not here to bring you the news, we're here to drop the beatskiess. Today's featured beat-droppers are a couple of dreamy-dreamsters from Canada, who are sure to keep you warm during the cold spell.

Hayden and Jayli Wolf are immersed in their own creative world of photography and creative design, but are managing to find the time to grace our ears with their reverb-heavy, down-tempo project, Once A Tree. Many are already comparing the two to a little ol' duo named the may have heard of them, snarf, snarf :-) But I still think they hold their own at sounding organic and a little bit more loosely constructed than that of the previously mentioned XX.

There's a track called "Death of a Star." Slowly-churning, and astrally burning, the creepiness spits you right into the middle of a galaxy-twisting battle for dominance in the space continuum...

death of a star

Come onnnn baacckk, come on baaackk....I hope I didn't go too far over the edge thur....I don't know what do you think of when you hear death of a star? I'm not really sure, but I guess I could say its appropriately titled, since I literally felt like I actually was transported into the middle of a star that was dying...Weird, well I'm glad I'm back here on planet Earth, and better yet glad that I'm writing this in shorts and a tee-shirt, because life is sah-weet bitches. But not as sweet as Jesse Pinkman sitting on top of the juggernaut with "Bitch" strewn across the top of it...YES!!! (I miss Breaking Bad very much, if you couldn't tell :-()

jesse pinkman x the juggernaut

Sorry, got away from myself again...Anyone up for some more tunes? Well then head right on over to their soundcloud and listen to some more of their chillwave-ambient-dreamwave-ambientchill-step or whatever it is the cool kids are calling it these days. I'm old school, I'll just call it "good tuneage," not that that helps describe even the slightest thing about the sound :-)

Go listen and follow them. Every follower they get on Soundcloud receives a free pizza on the house via the duo themselves!! *Note that the previous statement is completely false and in no circumstance should anyone expect a pizza hand-delivered from Hayden and Jayli at anytime :-)