New Artist Finds: Panama


Man oh man!! the summer vibes are just glowing all over the place right now!! I'm ready to start drinking a Mai-Tai right now just thinking about it! Just kidding...I'd prob-opt for a vodka-sprite, but that's neither here nor there...What is here though, is Panama and they are the Pacific-party-wave, rolling in from Sydney, Australia.

a man a plan a canal, panama

I remember back a couple of years ago when Miami Horror dropped that surprise bomb of an album on me and I couldn't help but love it. It just sounds so damn perfect. It sounds like you SHOULD be driving to the beach playing these songs, and that's exactly what I was doing. Panama's songs should be treated no differently, in the fact that you're going to want this on at specific times...except that specific time happens to be THE ENTIRE SUMMER SEASON!

Magic is super-catchy. Coastal-Crusin and beach-boozin all-day!! Yeah, I wish. But seriously though it is nice to have songs that match seasonal moods..and songs that are upbeat and head-bouncin' are always bound to get the blood pumping more than winter's coldd-baree offerings. For anyone reading this who actually may be in a winter-weather type climate, I feel for you, but you can still change it while you have the chance, It's Not Over...