As a stereotypically hipster music fan, there is no better reward that gets my inner spirit animal’s tail wagging than sniffing out a talented star-in-the-making. Canada’s own David Pimentel happens to be one such prospect that caught my eye and my ear amidst the loaded global market of beat music producers. In the indie real, his pet project Pomo has already made heavy ripples that got a lot of nipples hard. (Thanks to Bitcandy curator Pavit B for this awesome discovery!)

With strong influences of artists like Kaytranada, Prince, Stwo and Ta-Ku in his musical styling, Pomo’s soundscapes can best be described as a three-way audio intercourse between funk, electronic and synth-pop. His productions encapsulate new school beat music that is recorded with an old school touch. The synth invasion has returned with a vengeance as of late; however, we’re fortunate enough to have a captain who knows how to run his ship in this case as Pimentel is also the member of a parallel 80s synthpop project named Nouvel Age.

synth cat

After the launch of his funky synth-fueled track “So Fine” that got thousands of listeners to get into their summer dance groove, a number of top DJs and producers like Disclosure, Bondax and Falcons tipped their fedoras in approval of his tunes by including this track in their sets. It also laid the foundation for his swanky HW&W contract signing. A collaboration with Disclosure may soon be round the corner that will probably give him a much-deserved leg up in the beat music scene.



His sexy, beat-centric remixes of Tinashe’s ‘Vulnerable’ and Sade’s ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us’ are also a joy to listen to. Pomo’s live sets are a welcome breath of fresh air from the shitty “press play” electronic music culture that has emerged with the rise of mainstream EDM. We’re looking at you David Guetta. While we’re at it, how about you spend more money on DJing lessons instead of throwing cake and champagne on your fans, Steve Aoki?

paris hilton dj

Pomo’s vibrant live sets include actual instrumental use with extensive synth and drumpad playing, which exhibit his underrated talent as a creative multi-instrumentalist.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this talented young Canadian because his tunes are sure to become a fever this summer, and for summers beyond!