New Artist Find: Prince Innocence


Synth duos are just about my favourite thing in the world. Besides indie trios, but that’s a different story.  So for today's new artist, this Canadian minimalist group is one part blonde sex kitten, another part beat dropping homeboy, but oh my, do they make some excellent love sounds. They’re fresh as hell with just enough tracks to fill up a dope-ass set in any small hipster bar, but I see big things on the horizon. You gotta send Duffster some love for finding this one, kids!


Prince Innocence – Golden Hour

I want them all over my faces and in my pants and in my head and at every gig I go to for the rest of the year. That beat just goes on forever and as you feel it escalating, all you can think of is happiness and fun and love. Then her sweet vocals hit and all you want to do is dance in your own special way, no matter what that might be. For me, it involved swings my arms in the air while closing my eyes and hosting the biggest smile humanly possible on my enlightened face. Yes, they are that good! "Golden Hour" takes boring, old synth to a new level and damn, is it exciting! Whether you’re a fan of synth of not, you’ve gotta appreciate this song as somewhat of a masterpiece. It’s a cute video, to go with a cute couple and apparently 80’s revival has hit Canada. HARD! Who’s up for a road trip?


Prince Innocence – To My Right

Darker, heavier and more powerful, "To My Right" has something on the last track that you weren’t expecting. They’re not just a one-trick pony kind of band and even the video’s got a completely different feel. It’s got a sort of let’s-contemplate-what-all-this-means feeling, and I love it. It feels like every 20-something’s night out. But less depressing.

If this is what’s coming out of Canada lately, then what the hell are we still doing here? Links, links, oh glorious links! Catch up with them and you may even get the chance to see them live when they come to your town. But no drooling! It’s rude.
Also, they do a frikin’ splendid cover of Suicide’s Cheree, so you better you be typing that into your Google machine, else you’re nowhere near as cool as I am!