New Artist Find: Robert Koch/ Robots Don't Sleep


The fact that I feel more connected to a verse that goes, “Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me” than I do to most of the people in my life is a sure sign that new artist Robert Koch is doing something that I like. “Like” being an epic under-exaggeration, of course. Now here’s a complicated concept to wrap your head around. Robert Koch is Robot Koch, but Robot Koch is not Robots Don’t Sleep, but Robots Don’t Sleep is Robert Koch. You see, complicated! But with all those complications, comes a whole lot of sheer music excellence that I can’t wait to sink into.


Robots Don’t Sleep – Little White Lies Trailer

This 24 second long trailer says it all without saying anything (really). Take a trip to the futuristic world of Robots Don’t Sleep and jump into the mind of world famous beat maker Robert Koch with visuals from a deeper, darker outer space and sounds to match. If you like what you hear/see/feel in this trailer then Robots Don’t Sleep will have you frothing at the mouth.


Robert Koch – Autodreams

This type of slow, soothing melodic sound that just never seems to evolve into what you expect is always best with some stimulating, confusing and altogether preposterous visuals. I love the darkness in the both the music and the video. I love the confidence in which both things were created and I love that you can pick up on that just by experiencing it on YouTube. The timing is perfect and for electro-haters like me, it’s just the right amount of artificial and real to create the balance of a perfect sound. It’s dreamy, it’s light and it makes me feel like I’m floating.


Robots Don’t Sleep – Don’t Wake Me

Now this is the kicker! This is the track to rival all other tracks you’ve ever heard. This is what will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life, or at least until something else comes along. That repetitive chorus that just never quits, gets old or dies. It’s forever. It’s peaceful, yet empowering. It’s exactly what you need to get you through the week. Hell, it’s exactly what you need to get you through life. It’s only Monday yet I know that this is my favourite track of the week.

Robert Koch and Robots Don’t Sleep have so much to offer 20-somethings looking for something different that it’s impossible to tell when these guys will really explode onto the scene. But for now, they’re yours, mine and ours and you better hold onto them tight because they won’t be ours for long. Hook up with them on Facebook and Soundcloud to really stay on track.