New Bands: SPLASHH - Cuz Uppercase Is Way More Chill


Ever wondered what it would be like if Noel Gallagher chilled out, got really into the Pixies and Deerhunter, did some psychedelic drugs, and continued making music with Oasis into 2013? Well, me neither, but that will kind of give you an idea of what SPLASHH sounds like. These East Londoners have only been together since last year (I know, I’m looking back at my life choices and getting disappointed in myself too), yet they already have a full length album out called Comfort which I highly urge you to listen to. Thanks to BitCandy’s super cool curator, badkins, SPLASHH is the band of honor in this new artists post!

“Feels Like You” is a psychedelic whirlwind of funky-ness that is sure to satisfy your never ending appetite for all things 90’s (I’m looking at you, Reddit and Tumblr). It’s going to get stuck in your head for a while. Plus, the video also rules pretty hard for having a skateboarding elephant run rampant in the streets while being chased by a ring leader. Enough said.

“All I Wanna Do” is a garage-y, fuzzy guitar driven track that will instantly suck you in and put you in a feel-good mood. I promise. It opens with with line, “all I wanna do is sit by the pool today and drink with you,” which is clearly what they did the day they wrote this song because the lyrics are quite minimal. But then again, in a song titled “All I Wanna Do,” you wouldn’t want too many words to get in the way of its laid back, care free vibe. And by the way, doesn’t the singer look like a baby Julian Casablancas?

If you like what you’ve heard so far, pick up their debut, Comfort, and check out their SoundCloud page the next time you need a dose of some 90’s psychedelia. Help spread the word on SPLASHH and the best indie songs at BitCandy with a like, tweet or G+.