Musicians Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn of Durham, North Carolina are some new artists that you will definitely want to check out. Meath coming from the singing, female indie-folk-trio Mountain Man, and Sanborn of Megafun and his electronic project, Made of Oak, decided to come together and form their unique side-project, Sylvan Esso. With Meath's breathy vocals and melodies and Sanborn's synthy, radiant beats, the duo creates a refreshing electronic-indie sound that is all their own.

There are few things that I find more relaxing than my morning ritual of drinking way too many cups of coffee while catching up on any shenanigans I may have missed on the ol' world wide web. And like the title may suggest, "Coffee" would serve as the perfect soundtrack to waking up in a relaxing manner on a day off when you have nothing to do but chill out and be happy (that being said, this probably wouldn't be the song for when you're running late to work because it would take everything in you not to stay home and relax as this song plays). Featuring soothing, sultry vocals reminiscent of Cat Power's Chan Marshal and electronic beats that all blend together to create a beautifully blissful four and a half minutes. I am simply in love with this track.

"Hey Mami" is a quirky-cool track that will totally get stuck in your head. It starts off with layered vocals that eventually begin to loop, hand-claps, and then just as you start wondering if that background traffic noise is coming from your speakers or your window (just listen, you'll see what I mean), fuzzy electronic beats come in and tie the whole thing together.

Head over to Sylvan Esso's SoundCloud page and make sure to check out their self-titled album out May 13th on Partisan Records!

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