England has always provided the world with a endless supply of cute, non-threatening, shaggy-haired boys in garage bands that continually grace the cover of NME, and I don’t think anyone has a real problem with it. Keeping the tradition alive comes Temples, a four-piece psychedelic rock band from the Midlands. They may have only been a band since 2012, but they aren’t rookies. Singer and lead guitarist James Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Warmsley come from bands The Moons and Sukie, which were both pretty well known in the UK. With a sound reminiscent of classic acts like Suede and The Stone Roses, they could easily fit on the same bill as Tame Impala or MGMT. So lay back, close your eyes, and be prepared to imagine some crazy colorful kaleidoscope patterns because that’s what you’ll be doing when you listen to this new band.

Their latest single, “Mesmerise” (pretty psychedelic-sounding already, am I right?), features a funky bass line, some harmonized vocals, and a catchy lead guitar riff that will instantly get stuck in your head. It’s ridiculously '60s sounding but still fresh, and will surely make a fan out of anyone who listens to it (well…anyone who doesn’t have a complete shit taste in music anyway).

“Ankh” features a trippy sounding chorus with a keyboard lead that sounds simply awesome. It’s like a long lost track that was cut from The Magical Mystery Tour but instead of being a Beatles album it was a Tame Impala album. Confused? Then listen to the track again and work on your reading comprehension skills because I think that’s a pretty accurate description! I’m just saying.

Their debut album, Sun Structures, will be released on Heavenly Recordings in early February, so mark your calendars and check out their Soundcloud page for more material! And last but not least, I’d like to give a shout out to Curator, Pucken, for introducing us to this great new band!

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