Fresh out of the neighborhood of Northampton, Massachusetts comes 26 year old Brett Boucher. Not too long ago, this wicked cool Bostonian was writing jingles for commercials but recently decided to redirect his focus onto his own project, The Derevolutions. But don't let the name fool you, this isn't a band. The Derevolutions' only member is Boucher himself and his unique talent of blending a smorgasbord of samples he's found on YouTube while pairing them nicely with electric guitar and keyboards. His influences vary from doo-wop and soul to indie rock from the early 2000s. This new artist has a sound that is truly unique and he's bound to blow up in 2014.

Just in time for warm weather and taking a road trip to whatever super cool and overpriced music festival you're going to this year, comes "Automate Your Soul." Featuring everything from whistles, electric guitar, and vocals that remind me of The
Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like," this Go! Team sounding track will totally cheer you up no matter how shitty you're feeling. In other words, it's simply awesome and I love it.

Within seconds you will understand why this track was used in a promotion for ESPN's popular show, SportsCenter. "Yell It Out!"
features cheer leading chants for vocals, horns, and a tropical sounding beat that will get you moving in no time (and if you're like
me, you'll maybe even relive your super embarrassing, middle school cheer leading days). If you ever wondered what it would sound like if "Jock Jams" went indie, this would be it.

"We Found That Beat" samples playground-style chants, keyboard beats, and vocals from old soul songs. It's another great track that shows off his talents when it comes to picking the perfect samples and knowing just how to mix them to create the perfect, up-beat soundtrack to your day.

So now that you've been introduced to this awesomely original new artist, show him some love by liking his Facebook page and listening to the rest of his tracks on SoundCloud.

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