New Artist Find: Urban Cone


Joining the Swedish stereotype list, the powerful electronic music scene is a worthy comeuppance combating the shallow perception of Sweden as a land of retired Vikings and gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed people that walked straight out of Hitler’s wet dream. However, the genre of indie electronic rock is still an eclectic choice of music for the average music fan who is contemplating whether to trip on psychedelics or fistpump in alcohol-fueled, angst-filled defiance.  Credit goes to Curator Tarsier for this find.  Learn more how you can become a BitCandy Curator here

Urban Cone is one of the top groups to emerge from this underground cult of indie electronic rock. Make no mistake, their uncanny One Directionish look is outright alarming; however, since mama told me not to judge a book by its cover, their talent and drive to explore their own niche is a bitchslap to that stereotype.


Nearly a year after the debut of their hit single “Urban Photograph,” these top blokes exhibited a mastery of disco beats, synth tunes and saccharine choruses that will make you wear out your dancing shoes pretty quick.  

Following in the footsteps of electro-pop and electro-rock grandmasters like Empire of the Sun, The Knife, MGMT, Empire of the Sun and The Postal Service, Urban Cone is still going through the proverbial musical puberty phase.

Now, as a budding artist, you must know that this phase can lead to 3 possibilities for your future career:

- You become a B-level glorified cover band playing hipster wedding gigs.

- You find your own bold sound, get some Swedish groupies and kick ass in epic proportions with the world as your stage and naysayers as thy bitch.

- Your personal life becomes as interesting as the Ultimate Warrior but more sophisticated than that of Amanda Bynes. Hence, your musical talents can take a backseat and you can make that sweet trailer trash reality TV money.

Fortunately, these Scandinavian studs have successfully dodged the infamous one-hit wonder status by following up “Urban Photograph” with a string of hot new singles like “Let Us Stay Young,” “Kings and Queens,” “Searching For Silence” and “Freak.” Urban Cone’s upbeat and passionate vocals fuse nicely with their dreamlike guitar lines, keyboard tunes and old school beats with a new school touch.

With a little songwriting polish and progressiveness in sound, Urban Cone is going to make a lot of indie kids and hipsters rejoice in glorious and awkward dance fests wherever they go.