Although 23 year old Elliott Williams has been playing in the English indie-rock band Editors, he’s now entering new artist territory with his '80s synth pop inspired project, Y.O.U. which stands for “Your Own Universe.” Although electro-pop is by no means hard to come by these days, lately it often has a dark and moody twist to it (for example, you can dance to it, but you have to look super serious and unapproachable while doing so because god forbid people think you’re actually enjoying yourself!). But Williams is the total opposite, creating warm and upbeat melodies with vocals you can easily sing along to. His videos take you on a tour of Venice Beach, serving as the perfect backdrop for his colorful, mood-lifting tracks.



If the summer season was a song, I imagine “Volvic” would be it. The synth-heavy track is perfect for lounging on the beach but its lyrics create a nice contrast, reflecting the trouble of wishing you knew the right words to say to someone you love who’s going through a hard time. The verses slowly build, and by the time the chorus hits it turns into a magical sounding, 80s-inspired track that will leave you in a super positive state of mind.



“You Are Everything” is just what the title sounds like it would be: An uplifting, cute love song with a soothing beat that is sure to put you in a relaxed, dreamlike state while you sway back and forth in your computer chair. With lyrics like, "close your eyes and sleep tight everything will be alright/ I’ll stay here by your side until the morning sunrise," it’s going to be my new go-to track for when my insecurities take over and I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown (what? TMI?). You just can’t be bummed out after hearing this because it's simply a great song.

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